What is skiing?


Downtime in the spring is a great time to try and gain some perspective and set goals for the next year. I have been taking this time to really think about what skiing is/ means to me.

Skiing is…..

A dream

A community of friends

Creative inspiration

A means to travel

A means to teach

My Passion

My job


An avenue to push myself both mentally and physically.

It is in part each of these things, but none of them are wholly skiing to me. I have made my life in the ski industry but simply skiing does not characterize my life. It brings me joy and frustrates me as any job would. Some days I feel under paid and overworked- and others I feel like the richest girl in the world. It is defines my life in many ways- but is not WHO I am..

I think what’s important is to remember why I ski. for freedom, to challenge and push myself, to see beautiful places, to meet beautiful people. Focus on those aspects of it. Continue to better myself and realize my potential- and all the rest will fall into place.

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