Womens Wellness Week


On January 25th, we drifted high up into the Esplanade Range for the second Women’s Wellness Week at Sentry Lodge.  A seven day camp dedicated to wellness with daily yoga practice, long days of ski touring and organic cuisine to fill our bellies could not have come at a better time. Snow was in the forecast and a week in the mountains was just what I needed. This year, I was lucky enough to join the amazing staff of Kitt Redhead and Danyelle Magnan (ski guides), Ally Bogard (yoga and spirit guide), Nevada Christianson (organic foodie extraordinaire), Zoya Lynch (photographer/filmer) as the freeride coach for the ladies attending the camp.

As expected the camp was amazing on so many levels- the people, the skiing, the yoga, the saunas, the peacefulness, the fresh alpine air. The week started with a mellow ski tour and ended with a booter session in tutus (front flips, backflips, 360’s included!).  It is amazing how relationships and self confidence can grow and transform with just one week in the wilderness  connecting with incredible, passionate humans!

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