Origins by Sherpas Cinema

Last February the snowfall was off the charts in Revelstoke. With regular highway closures on all sides we remained on storm arrest in our little snow globe and for the most part- remained ignorant to the drought occurring south of the border. At a time when I thought winter couldn’t taste any sweeter I received an opportunity to visit a place I had heard much about over the years – Selkirk Wilderness Skiing THE original catskiing operation, located just outside the small community of Meadow Creek deep in the interior of BC.

I joined Eric Crosland and Leo Hoorn of Sherpas Cinema , Austin Ross, Johnny Collinson and Joey Vosburgh for a week of filming in kootenay pow, and impeccable hospitality from the SWS crew. It was a week I will bank in the memory books for cloudy days- snow, awesome terrain, a peek into the history and family run operation of SWS and a chance to film with this talented crew.

Origins from Selkirk Wilderness Skiing on Vimeo.

Check out “origins” by the Sherpas to see what the week was all about!



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