Powder Magazine Profile

Is there anything as exciting as picking up the first issue of your favorite ski magazine just as  the first leaves start to turn and you inhale your first gasp of winters icy breath? When Tess Weaver e-mailed me last year and said she was coming to Revelstoke to meet and ski with me… I didn’t really realize it would turn into this!

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A three page profile in Powder- I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited, flattered and soooo stoked to get back on my skis after reading this. The best part though… was having the opportunity to hang out with Tess- she’s a brilliant, ripping, laid back girl who I am so happy to have as a friend.

So go out- grab a Powder Mag- Take note of Chris Rubens with a face full of pow on the cover, check out the feature on Revelstoke and then flip to page 62 to read Tess’ words… Winter is coming! I am so lucky to be a part of this amazing skiing family!

Thanks so much to Tess, Powder Magazine, The North Face, Giro,  Rossignol, Revelstoke Mountain Resort and Robin O’Neill.


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