Inspiration Woods

Nothing inspires me more than the great outdoors. Where I live, in British Columbia, we are lucky to have wilderness all around us. No matter where you are, peaceful moments in nature are not too far off.

Mother Nature has a way of making us feel both minute and empowered when we are basking in her glory. The energy that the mountains, sea and forests that we live amongst is powerful. You can feel it when you stand atop a great peak or walk under a lush canopy. Watch an avalanche slide down a mountain, lightening strike a tree top or waves crash up on the beach.

I often imagine the natural world unpopulated by humans. No cities, no pipelines, not even hunters, gatherers or fishermen altering the perfect equation. I imagine  equilibrium, symbiosis,  pure life, sustenance and protection of all systems.We humans have a way of tipping the scales.  We are parasites living off the earth, exploiting it, and forgetting that it is our host and our life source. Our attempts to mimic nature are comical, tampering with genetics of food, fauna and even ourselves. We will never replicate what is true and perfect.

I feel most at home when I am outside, yet I am constantly in awe of the natural world. The miracle of growth, the power of the storm, the beauty and expanse of untouched land inspire my life. I live to breath fresh air and play outside are daily appreciating the natural world as a paramount source of all happiness, health and creative energy in my life.

Time to go play outside!


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