a little piece of [ghetto] paradise

There’s nothing like diving into the deep blue sea to soothe the aches and pains that follow winter…

I’ve always dreamed of celebrating the change of seasons in a little cottage on the sea, waking up each morning to a warm breeze and waves lapping on the beach. This year I found my way to a tropical oasis,  located in Grand Turk one of the Turks and Caicos islands. Teetering on the edge of the North Atlantic and the Caribbean, Grand Turk is the biggest if the two Turks Islands, amassing to 18 square kilometers of  arid land decorated with rustic Caribbean charm enveloped by crystal blue waters and perfect beaches. It is remote and beautiful and unassuming, my kind of paradise.

I took the opportunity to face my fear of slimy sea creatures and get my scuba diving certification while I was there. Grand Turk is a renowned diving destination, with many dive sites only 5-15 minute boat ride from shore.  From the moorings just off shore, we were able to sink deep into the reef, through tunnels, over pinnacles and along the “Wall”. I was blown away by the magical world beneath the surface, vibrant corals, exotic fish and sea turtles galore.

The island is small and time seems to slip by without notice… We spent our days biking past wild horses and donkeys, through shanty’s and shacks, over the hill of half built mansions to various beaches, raking the sand for sea glass and shells and cooling off in the turquoise water.  Rum punches from the Sand Bar erased any hope of moving quickly…and before I knew it each day it was 4:30 and time to stop in at the fish market to check out the daily catch. Each day was started with fresh fruit hunted down from the various Dominican Supermarkets and finished off with a delicious meal accompanied by herbs from the garden and the sounds of the tide rolling in.

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Thanks to my hosts- the Garneaus for sharing their little piece of paradise!


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