Selkirk Wilderness Skiing with the Sherpas

I just wrapped up a week of filming with Johnny Collinson, Austin Ross and Leo Hoorn and Eric Crosland of Sherpas Cinema at  Selkirk Wilderness Skiing in Meadow Creek, BC. We had amazing skiing at SWS, which I learned is THE  original cat skiing operation- founded by the late Alan Drury in 1975. Joining a loyal crew who were on their 27th year at SWS, Alan’s daughter Rachel and the family of staff at SWS it didnt take long for us to realize the place is dripping with stories, history and heart.

I feel extremely lucky to have been a part of this trip. Shredding deep pow in the Selkirks and joining the Sherpa crew for a week can’t really be beat! Keep your eyes peeled for the promo video that the Sherpas are producing… If anyone can do the skiing and amazing family at Selkirk Wilderness Skiing justice, it’s them.

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[Austin Ross Photos]

Thanks to the whole crew at Selkirk Wilderness Skiing, Rachel, Jason, Carla, Jeff, Leo, Crosland, Anthony, Johnny and Austin for a great week..


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