Adventure is 4 Everyone!

I truly believe this. I do. I think adventure and time spent playing outside, scaring yourself a little, pushing your limits,  doing your best, accomplishing goals, looking into the distance, standing on a peak, bushwacking through the woods, sliding on the snow, lying in the grass and looking at the stars, watching a river flow, swimming in the ocean, connecting with the culture of the outdoors and  getting  dirty are all therapeutic practices that are vital for a healthy and happy life.

Some people are born or suddenly faced with challenges in their lives that make accessing these practices a little bit harder. People who have sustained disabling illness or injury, are born with challenges that are out of their control are often unable to engage in adventure and outdoor activities because of logistics, lack of support, money etc even though they are individuals who would probably benefit from a little adventure therapy the most.

my adrenaline junkie friend Amanda, who broke her back in a freeski comp last year is working hard at a rehab centre in California to get back on her feet

That is why Live It! Love It! exists….

Right now we are in a competition for funding from the Aviva Community Fund. If we win $100 000 – $150 000 will go towards making adventure therapy a little bit more accessible for people who face more challenges accessing nature, adrenaline, mountain culture, and their favorite sports.

If you agree that Adventure is empowering, and Adventure is for Everyone please click one of the banners above or below and vote every day until November 30th.

Thanks for you support!
much love, Izzy & Live It! Love It!


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