Red Bull Wrangle the Chute @ Kicking Horse Mountain Resort

Still jet lagged from Austria, sore neck or uncomfy spot on the floor? I’m not sure why but it’s 6:00am Monday morning and I am awake… at Zoya’s place in Revelstoke looking at photos and reliving the weekend at Wrangle the Chute at Kicking Horse.

I have competed in this comp two years in a row now and it just keeps getting better!  This year invitees include junior competitors, snowboarders and a bunch more girls than ever before making it an actual competition on the female side of things. The contest includes skiing a big mountain line down a gnarly chute, hitting a kicker, and riding a bronco– requiring a mixed bag of athletic talent, balls and rodeo skills.

The thing I am most excited about is how WTC showcases the versatility of the skiers and snowboarders that enter. The venue is small and requires insane amounts of skill and creativity to find a good line, the jump landing is short and the bronco bucks hard!

The skiing this year at Wrangle was out of this world… aka amazing! The top 15 boys skied lines that no one expected on day two, Emma Whitman and Laura Sliva threw down big tricks on the jump, Zoya and Wendy Burns showcased great big mountain skiing to represent the girls.  A-Wall and Wes Harris kept the spirit of skiing alive with their mono ski run and poach of the venue (Hilarious!). The juniors made me proud (as usual) Jordy Kidner, Keegan Capel, Brodie McLaughin and Curtis McLaughin of the Rocky Mountain Freeriders and Logan Pehota from Pemberton absolutely KILLED it and put many of the senior skiers to shame. Mega highlight in everyones mind was for sure the surprise masher 360 off a cliff by Matt Montadon. Whoa dude, nice work!

I’m walking away impressed by everyone there. Especially my  friend Mr. Cody Haggard who ended up Mangling his shit, instead of Wrangling the chute on friday when he suffered a nasty compound spiral fracture on his lower leg during practice on the jump. Your one tough cowboy Cody!

Stay tuned for a video that is sure to surface at some point, it’ll be worth the watch! A BIG HUGE thank you to Rossignol for putting up the entire team in the Rossi House and taking care of our comp entries! I’m jumping in my truck and heading back to Whistler to heal my huck neck!


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