Wranglin the Chute

Zoya and I met up with Austin Ross and Pierrot Bernier and hitched a ride in “White Fang” on Friday morning and made the trek through Rogers Pass to Golden to try our hands in Wranglin the Chute at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort.

This event is an invitational combo of chute wranglin, booter hittin and bronco ridin. “Prepare to get bucked” is what we were told when we arrived… The event format included skiing a gnarly rocky chute to a sketchy straightline into a jump and onto a bucking horse. Yeeeeeeehaw!

the jump!


the chute!
chute+jump+bronco = ....huh?..

We quickly scoped our lines, hit the jump, eyed up the bronco and headed out to explore the wild country of kicking horse with a crew of skiers that were there for the comp. Conditions were a bit rocky, but fun nonetheless we were skiing with friends!

izzy, pierrot & wes

Apres ski was held at Chateau Rossignol.. Thanks Rossi for hooking us up!

Day 1 was blue bird all the wranglers were geared up with a Red Bull and met at the top of the venue at high noon for the showdown. I showed up early and ran 4th so I could get down and cheer on all the other riders as they took on the course.
Lines, tricks, and bronco riding was being thrown down all over the place…

bottom of the venue day 1
top of the venue on day 1

That night we went and put in our votes for the ” Wrangle the Shoot” photo the competition at the Day Lodge where there was a Texas Holdem Poker Tournament going on. Apparently skiers aren’t into Gamblin’ as much as they are into Wranglin’ so we didn’t stick around for too long.

A thick layer of valley cloud rolled in on Day 2, positioning itself conveniently right on the competition venue. The event was on standby so we found a spot in the sunshine looking out at the sea of clouds.

zoya and matt
making the most of the valley cloud

Eventually things started rolling and the competitors reluctantly went into the cloud to do their run. Visibility was poor, so they put the judges on the hill so they could get a better view of the course. Conditions were not ideal for shredding but everyone managed to ski well and make it down to finish the event.

All in all it was a great weekend! I ended up in 2nd place, sandwiched by Leah Evan’s (1st) and little sis Zoya Lynch in 3rd.


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