Girls Day Out @ Kicking Horse!!!

I had the pleasure of coaching for Girls Day Out at Kicking Horse a couple of weekends ago. The program, founded by Leah Evans brought out 25 girls for two days of skiing, instruction and a nutrition workshop.

chicas unite!

This was my first Girls Day Out in Kicking Horse, and it was an amazing weekend!
so many SHEredders!

Kicking Horse was super supportive of the event and gave us everything we needed to run smoothly and offer the ladies in the camp the best experience possible. From deals on lift tickets, space for our nutrition workshop and giving up their Rossignol Demos for two days they really killed it.
coach Sarah Frood showing off her shred sticks!

I started off on Saturday with group “O”.. we spent the day looking for drops, practicing skiing steeps & chutes, jumps and 180*s. It was awesome to see these girls push themselves to do things they might not normally do!
demo'ing on Day 1 for the girls

That evening we had a nutrition seminar with Pam Romanchuk. Pam is a holistic nutritionist based out of Calgary who runs Start Fresh Nutrition. Pam’s presentation was super informative and taught everyone something new about the power of food and how to be more aware of the things we are putting in our bodies. Now on my shopping list, Goji Berries, Quinoa and Sea Vegetables!

Sunday morning brought a few cm’s of fresh snow and a new group. This time I had group “G”. We spent the day working on refining technique and skiing more aggressively in steep and challenging terrain. After lunch all the ladies got to demo the Rossignol Voodoo BC 110 and shredded up the mountain on some fat skis…

girl talk on the mountain

After the awards session where Leah gave away tons of awesome prizes the coaches Sarah Frood, Tessa Treadway, Fleurie Hunter and I all headed back to Tessa’s parents house for a wrap up dinner and some debriefing on the weekend.
yay for new skis!

Girls Day out was an awesome way to bring so many snow loving ladies together for a weekend of skiing, fun and self discovery. Working with the girls in the camp taught me alot about myself, coaching, fear, nutrition and friendship and everyone’s smiles and positive feedback at the end of the weekend were an awesome reminder of why we should do this more often. Ya chicks who rip! Can’t wait for GDO next year!
Girls Day Out crew

**Jessica Robinson was our lovely photographer! Check our her work at


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