Canadian Freeskiing Open- Junior Championships

Last week Zoya and I traveled down to Red Mountain in Rossland, BC for the Junior Canadian Open. Zoya was competing and I had 4 kids from the Revelstoke Mountain Freeriders down there, all set to compete in their first freeskiing comp ever and hook up with our mother club the Rocky Mountain Freeriders.

on our way! 6am ferry ride

Jake, Cam, Shep & Wyatt of RMF all skied awesome in the first day of the event. First comps are always the hardest and most nerve wracking. I think the boys found it a bit challenging, as the comp format favors a different style of skiing than these Revy kids are used to (going HUGE!). Unfortunatly Wyatt, Jake and Cam all fell, costing them the points they would need to make the final. But I was stoked with how they skied anyway, showing everyone that Revelstoke Mountain Freeriders will soon be a force to be reckoned with! Shep stayed on his feet and charged down the course two days in a row, earning himself a very respectable 10th place for his first comp ever. Ya Shep!

super rad ladies field

Having warmed up at the Freeskiing World Tour event in Revy the week before, Zoya skiied the venue both days with ease and took the top spot on the women’s side. Congrats Zoy, you killed it. Another one of my fave ski buddies, Heidi Schaffer of RMF was not too far behind in second place. Ya Heids.

This junior comp weekend in Red is one that I look forward to every year! I love the terrain and vibe of the mountain and it is always fun to hang out in Rossland with the other RMF coaches. They are some of the most fun people to ski with and some of us were so stoked that we decided to stick around for an extra day and do some skiing for ourselves after the comp.

white and blue.. heather wallace photo
epic tree runs at Red Mountain Resort - heather wallace photo
sea of clouds. heather wallace photo
Stevie and Juuuuulien. heather wallace photo
going home on the ferry, heather wallace photo
almost home.

This week is the senior competition. Unfortunately I can’t make it down but I’m wishing all of the competitors the best of luck!

Check out the story I wrote about the Junior comp for

2010 Canadian Junior Freeskiing Open at Red Mountain Resort


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