RMF takes over the world

Revelstoke Mountain Freeriders
(RMF- the Revy edition) program started up on December 5th. I worked hard all summer to bring this program to Revelstoke and am SUPER stoked to see it in action.

RMF is a freeride ski program for skiers between the ages of 12-18 that was founded by Guy Mowbray, a former ski racing coach in Banff, AB. Guy envisioned a ski program that would teach kids the fundamentals of skiing but keep the main focus on fun and producing life long skiers. Over the past ten years RMF has grown to over 70 students, and has provided incredible experiences for all the students, coaches and families involved. When I came to Revelstoke last year I commuted two and a half hours back to Lake Louise every weekend so that I could coach the kids in RMF and stay involved with the program. Seeing RMF’s success and helping it take over Revelstoke and provide the same great benefits to the skiing community here is pretty amazing!

There are 10 skiers signed up at RMF in Revy, most of which grew up skiing at the tiny ski hill called Powder Springs, before Mount Mackenzie was developed into Revelstoke Mountain Resort. It seems that their love for skiing has grown with the mountain and they are just so stoked to have a big resort to ski and progress on. It’s cool to see how grateful they are to be able to ski such sick terrain. We’ve been riding super hard over the past few weekends and I can’t seem to tire them out. Their passion for the snow is pretty inspiring, a couple even lined up 5:00am on opening day to make sure they got to ski before anyone else. I was pretty excited when I saw them skiing down under the lift as I was on my way up for my first run at the ski hill for the year.

For more info on the program check out www.revelstokemountainfreeriders.webs.com

These are some of the RMF’ers on our first day out.

freerider Shep Howatt..

Ross Wiley.

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