Pre-season POW

The month of November can drag on for what seems like forever in Revelstoke. As a rule, the post Halloween  hangover is matched with  the sky closing in and the beautiful fall days transforming into a repetition of gray and clouds and rain and gray and clouds and rain.  Weeks go by without any sight of  the surrounding peaks, driving most people into hibernation or far away from the slushy mess.

But, as the white line creeps down below the mist,  snow lovers are drawn  from their houses and high up onto the mountains. They gather in places in the Selkirk and Monashee ranges where the endless precipitation has blanketed the hills in snow and created a winter wonderland just waiting to be explored.

A month left of pre ski season slavery doing construction in the Bow Valley and the thought of no sunshine had me dreading Nofunvember. But I made it my mission to make the best of it anyway and just so happened to get some of the best days of early season skiing of my life.

Our  preseason skiing mission started the day after Halloween….

Marty and Chris discuss no-fun-vember

Hoping to beat all the other skiers in town to the punch, Chris Rubens, Christina Lustinberger, Marty Schaffer and I headed up Sale Mountain, and found ourselves above the clouds and getting some unexpected freshies on November 1st.

above the clouds..
Above the clouds..
first turns

A week later, and a week deeper into the darkness of November, I was getting really desperate for some good turns. We got out early and made our way up Sale again, this time facing an un-plowed logging road and fresh snow on top of an icy crust. Due to Chris’s rally car driving skills, and some creative solutions for getting around a parked truck in the middle of the road  we made it up and found ourselves surprised by the amount of snow that had fallen over the past week.

Chris assessing the snowpack
Spot sean getting powder in his face!
Lusti and Chris heading through the trees
Back at the truck and stoked on the day!

The final weekend of our preseason snow hunt was spent at the Gorge with Scotty Thumlert and Curt Derbyshire from Calgary, Phil Hudec, Marty and myself. I guess word got out that conditions were shaping up, because we were welcomed by a parking lot FULL of vehicles and a well established skin track. Luckily we had Gorge veteran Jon to guide us away from the crowds and into the sweet spots.

going yonder
Gorge-ous. Scott Thumlert photo
Face shot! Scott Thumlert photo
Scotty dropping in. Marty Schaffer photo
Marte gets into it. Scott Thumlert photo

So I guess if you can get above the clouds or at least the snow line November in Revy doesn’t go by so slowly after all. I not only survived my career as a construction worker but got in some epic days and am more stoked than ever to get this season rolling.  Here’s hoping this early season ski touring has me in shape.

We had our sneek peak of the resort in Revy this past weekend and it’s official opening is this friday… Can’t wait!

Happy December 1st!!


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